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  • Seawall Inspections
  • Seawall Repair
  • Concrete Pile Replacement
  • Corroded / Rusty Bolt, Hardware Replacement
  • Erosion Abatement
  • Rip Rap Placement

Seawall life spans on the Pacific Coast of the can vary considerably depending on the original seawall design and the materials utilized during the initial construction. In addition to those two variables, the seawall's exposure to tidal forces and coastal erosion, as well as, damage from lack of maintenance can further contribute to premature seawall failure.

Design lifespans for seawalls are typically in the range of 35-40 years yet many seawall found in the City of Malibu and surrounding coastal communities have already exceeded that. Frequently homeowners don’t realize their seawall needs periodic inspections and ongoing maintenance to achieve it's expected life span. Consequently lacking seawall maintenance is the most common cause of seawall defects and seawall failure encountered during our seawall inspections. Seawall replacement costs can be upwards of $1,000 - $3,000 per linear foot depending on site access, seawall design, and site geology.

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Seawall components that are inspected including to the seawall cap, bulkhead, seawall panels, footings, and any other seawall components that are visible from the land side of the structure. Ocean side inspection of seawall and bulkhead by walking exterior during low tide is performed when possible, diving is optional and is not a mandatory part of our seawall inspection process.

Seawall Inspector Will Look For

  • Landward side seawall components of the system for signs of settlement or soil loss
  • Soil and / or sand loss behind the seawall indicating problematic erosion
  • Foundation supports, caissons, pilings, collars, stringers, joists, and decking
  • Construction methods of existing seawall and materials used
  • Corrosion to existing hardware and bolting systems
  • Any visible damage to piles, timber, or hardware
  • All recommended seawall repairs
Seawall Inspector Seawall Construction Seawall Inspector

Seawall Field Report Includes

  • Any evidence of structural deterioration, structural failure, or defects in the existing seawall / bulkhead
  • Photographs corresponding to any deficiensies listed on final seawall report
  • Complete list of repairs that are recommended with approximate cost range, repair estimates can be provided upon request
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Seawall Inspector Is Not Required To

  • Excavate or otherwise unearth existing piles, tiebacks, anchors, retaining walls, or other seawall / bulkhead components that are below grade.
  • Inspect adjoining storm sewers projecting through the bulkhead
  • Inspect adjoining property's seawalls
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